Want to hear what your consumers are saying about your brand or business?

There's a lot of noise out there, but our Active Social Listening pack can help you filter out the clutter and hear what's what!

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Active Social Listening can help!

Our active social listening programmes are more than just social media monitoring - we transform social listening into actionable insights to improve brand and business performance.

When is Social Listening useful?

I want to know what my target is saying about my brand or business

I want to know how we are perceived versus our competitors

I'd also like to know what our target is picking up about competitor activity...

and I'd love to be able to identify influencers and potential brand advocates.

Launch Active social listening

We work together to ensure that your brief matches your business objectives

Social Listening analysis

From the social conversations and language being used, we analyse the output.

Active Social key outputs 

Outputs are shared and reviewed.

Social listening workshops

Listening and analysis is good, transforming this into actionable insights for your business is even better!


  • Better understanding of what is being said about your brand / business

  • How you stack up against competition and the kind of competitor activity that is sticking

Actionable insights: from learning into projects that can help deliver your brand / business objectives