At Last Innovation we believe that the most successful marketing strategies are born through an intimate understanding of consumers and end-users. That’s why we’ve developed a new online training course focussed on insights: Marketing Insights for Innovation. Want to know more and give some added impetus to growing your brand / business? Don’t delay! We’re offering an early bird reduction of 40€ for the first 50 people to sign up!

Seeing the world through the eyes of your consumers is essential to detect potential dissatisfaction. By observing your target market in their regular habitat, this enables better insights and more relevant product and service solutions. At Last Innovation, we turn this approach into empathy interviews to create stronger consumer understanding. And there’s more! Today, we’ve taken this further by giving you the chance to discover this new training course, ideal for boosting your innovation pipeline through developing insights: ‘Marketing Insights for Innovation’.

‘Marketing Insights for Innovation’, all you need to know

This is an online training course to help you better understand the understanding and development of consumer insights. What does that mean exactly? How to identify insights? Why are they so important to the process of marketing innovation? We review and answer all the key questions to help you get ahead. We also explain how different models can help insights become your ally in developing new products and services within your brand or business!

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To make learning easy, we’ve built this training course around a number of short videos, each of which focuses on a specific module. Consequently, this course breaks down into 24 mini-sessions which last 1 hour in all, covering the following 6 key themes:

  • An introduction to insights
  • Insights : attributes and benefits
  • Observation, interviewing & Listening
  • Sources on insights
  • Insight connection & Crafting
  • Learning by doing: Fresh insights for your chosen project

It’s practical as well : with an unlimited access, you can pick up the training videos at the time of your choosing! The course learning materials include numerous examples, specific cases, quizzes and other practical exercises.

Get started right now and save 40€!

What kind of training outcomes can you expect from ‘Marketing Insights for Innovation’ ?

Many companies have access to more and more data, but transforming this into sources of inspiration for project teams remain s a real challenge! By putting your consumer target at the heart of your innovation process, Marketing Insights for Innovation helps you to meet this head on. At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Better understand insights, their role and the benefits they offer your brand and business;
  • Share these insights with project teams which in turn will boost their creative output ;
  • Apply these learnings to your own brand / business challenges

In other words, you will be up and running immediately! Remember, Marketing Insights for Innovation can also be part of our ideation workshops to help drive brand and business innovation. This methodology is also part of our insight workshop pack, delivered in either English or French over 1 or 2 days.

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Philip Last, Facilitator Marketing Innovator

With over 20 years experience in marketing and brand management, Philip Last is a specialist in brand and marketing innovation. His experience in multinationals and consultancy led him to set up Last Innovation, the marketing innovation agency.
Bilingual and bicultural, expert on both UK and French markets, he works with a partnership team of 20 marketing, research and creative professionals across 4 continents, working in diverse sectors including Food / FMCG, pharma ou services. (clients include : Mars, Biomérieux, Panzani, Schneider-Electric…). Philip’s mantra: know your consumer to better develop insights that in turn can lead to more relevant product, service and experience innovation.

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* -a saving of 40€ for the first 50 participants signed up to this online training course, “Marketing Insights for innovation”.