Marketing ideation agency

At Last Innovation, looking across the spectrum of marketing innovation as we see it, ideation is without doubt an area we get passionate about and where client teams really enjoy themselves! Brand management has pushed the marketing function closer to the universe of P&Ls and shorter term thinking, while creative thinking and thinking beyond the next quarterly review have taken a real step backwards.

Creative workshops are the tool most often used to help clients deliver new thinking, products and solutions, namely tomorrow’s growth drivers. As a frequent user and facilitator of workshops, they can prove extremely effective, if they are well planned, designed and facilitated.

Unfortunately, many clients try to run these sessions internally, often with disappointing results.

This is the kind of feedback we get from internal organisers and client teams alike, when asked to pick up the pieces!

No progress

We often seem to finish up in exactly the same place as last time

Lack of fresh ideas

It’s really hard to come up with fresh ideas with the same people in the same room (often the internal canteen or just another meeting room…)

Team spirit

No-one feels comfortable criticizing other people’s ideas

Hard to facilitate

As project leader, I feel very uncomfortable running these sessions as I’m put in the position of being judge and jury when we start selecting the best outputs…


Arriving at a destination that feels new and different in the world of ideation requires:

  • - Knowing how to frame the workshop challenge so that participants can make free use of their imagination while still delivering outputs that meet the leader’s objective
  • - Holding workshops in a new environment, ideally where the brand can come to life
  • - Developing fresh, new stimulus that starts new conversations and offers alternative possibilities
  • - Different personnel, a mix of internal and external with different profiles and backgrounds to challenge the status quo 
  • - Positive criticism that builds on other participants ideas driven by active listening and stretching participants to stretch their thinking and imagination
  • - Finally, having an external facilitator, with ‘no axe to grind’ helps teams relax; having someone neutral who can bring and promote energy, enthusiasm and passion can help deliver outputs that drives real business growth

We’re always looking to develop new ways of meeting creative challenges; product idea incubation, real time idea evaluation, new processes for insight generation and detection, workshop visualisation, to name just a few…