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10 days to co-create, develop and test your new concepts
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The Express Consumer Labs© Promise

10 days to co-create, evolve, evaluate and finalise your concepts




... have all worked with our Express Consumer Labs®.

When might you need Express Consumer Labs©
You've identified your business challenge and now you and your team need to move FAST to create and deliver some solutions!

  • 10 Days

    In 10 days, we co-create a selection of ideas that respond to your challenge. As a group, we choose the best, then evolve and evaluate them with your marketing targets to transform them into fully-fledged, impactful concepts. 

  • Process

    Our process is simple, pragmatic and aligned on your business objectives

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  • Our team of experts

    We assemble straight away your team and our team of reliable partners. Different skills, points of view and creative competence guides our choice of partners.

Week 1 = Briefing & interrogation of your business challenge

Week 1 schedule

Day 1

A 1 day working session with the project leader to get to grip with the challenge, fully interrogate the status and exchange potential routes / intuitive solutions. No time is wasted!

Days 2-5

From our meeting, we set to work, exploring market, targets and insights to fully prepare for the following week.

Week 2: Fieldwork

Day 1

We organise and moderate a creative workshop with the team to fully review the challenge, uncover insights and generate creative ideas.

Day 2

We fine-tune the ideas, visually bring them to life and prepare them for the first round of exploration groups.
End day 2: We moderate qualitative groups to evolve and evaluate these starter concepts


Day 3

2nd workshop to re-work concepts, using consumer input as stimulus to guide team thinking.

Day 4

Morning - fine-tune concept material and visualisation.

Afternoon / Evening - New consumer qual groups to test optimised concepts.

Day 5

Present back finalised concepts to team based on consumer feedback.
That's it, 10 days from briefing, you and your team are well placed to take our recommended solutions forward into the next phase of development!



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