Insight thinking to better connect with consumers


One of the most over-used words in the world of consumer and now B to B marketing…great insights are in fact rare; parallels with pearls or gems are often made as they can provide clarity, precision and simplicity to marketing concepts, transforming starter ideas into highly – sought after, valuable products and services!

We often talk about insights that are the unspoken thoughts and feelings of our target market. By definition, these are hard to perceive and even harder to connect with. Think of an iceberg, where only the tip, or top layer is visible, while so much remains hidden below the surface.

Recent experience, especially in the world of FMCG, suggests that hidden shallows, rather than hidden depths are often richer seams to aim for…despite marketers best efforts, many consumers just don’t care that much about everyday goods for such topics to be so deep-seated, hidden away beneath layers of guilt and other complex emotions!

Another misconception that has crept into the overuse of the word insight…consumer verbatims are not insights, at least not always, in fact almost never!


Just the tip of the iceberg?

Our insight methodologies and processes will help you go beyond the obvious and look below the surface!

Accepted consumer beliefs (ACB)s lack the tension, maybe even the dis-satisfaction with existing options that provide the spark to wanting better, different and new.

Insights also need to be placed in their context, which is why our methodologies invest time in understanding consumer or client context…such insights take on more meaning and bring far more clarity and purpose when we understand why something has been said. It also helps frame the opportunity that can lie behind the insight…hence the notion of untold riches!

Insights are the start-point to many marketing concepts; both the content and the written style of the insight are also vital in connecting with consumers, their moods, and their perception of the brand / service.

While much of our experience has been developed in the world of consumer and FMCG, our methods and techniques have worked just as successfully in the world of B to B…even with multiple targets and the context of more complex decision-making, insight can help marketing and communication teams go beyond the obvious and build differentiating solutions and services