B2B Research

Or even understanding multiple target behaviour and attitudes to new products and services.

While the pace of change vs FMCG isn’t the same, the techniques and methodologies for gaining understanding are often very similar; our experience in the consumer world has proven very useful in helping to get under the skin of Directors and C-suites in the different worlds of healthcare services, energy management and  industrial goods distribution within B to B.

Our experience is that research needs to extend to understanding organizations and multiple contacts within that organization to fully grasp the context. This requires a slightly different skill set, especially when you consider that:

  • - Given these differences (and this list isn’t exhaustive), researching a particular area is often more complex; exploration is the name of the game and being able to draw together complex chapters to build the story within the business context.

  • - In a world of long decision and longer purchase cycles, getting the strategic thinking in context is crucial and this means understanding emotional as well as functional motivators behind decision makers and their reactions to questions and stimuli. Don’t be fooled into thinking that experts only think about performance and the numbers…the how and the why in this world are just as important.