Or how to better understand consumer behaviour!

Today’s world (yes this does seem even truer in the last few years !) seems to change faster, appears less predictable, is more complex and ambiguous than ever before…hence the acronym VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Uncertainty) first identified by US military in global war theatres) striking a chord with market researchers worldwide.

Even the titles and acronyms of research professionals never stops changing…from Research manager to Consumer insights to Consumer Understanding to Consumer Market Intelligence etc…proving that research needs to keep moving andinnovating to keep upwith the pace of change…

Just consider how much households have evolved: working Mums, part-time work, working from home…or how much marriage as a concept has evolved, with couples separating, families evolving in different relationships. Globalisation means that many household members are now more international than ever before, speaking 2 or 3 languages, growing up in one culture, studying in another, then living in yet another country or culture.

Improved and cheaper access to inter-continental travel means that more consumers are travelling further afield, discovering new and different cultures, tastes and experiences; western European markets welcome increasingly diverse populations and cultures…consider the ubiquitous presence of sushi in high street retail across many European megapoles, almost unheard of outside the main capital cities 10-15 years ago!    

In the face of such change (and these are just a few examples) how can brands best address and anticipate today’s and tomorrow’s attitudes and behaviours with relevant solutions that truly connect with consumers with so many different backgrounds?

Our focus is qualitative, understanding the why is our priority!

We work with experienced recruitment agencies and senior moderators.
Consumers have definitely become more savvy as qualitative testing has developed.
Our techniques to develop empathy, to seek responses beyond the obvious, have all evolved.
Seeking out differences between what consumers say and what they do, continues to offer rich seams of ideas for starter solutions
Consumers never cease to surprise, even amaze us with their stories and experiences!