Techniques and processes to better understand your targets

No two briefs are the same; we offer a bespoke service that takes into account the specificities of each client’s needs. As innovation consultants, we’re always looking to find alternatives to address customers challenges which helps provide fresh thinking and different approaches to building solutions.

Traditional focus groups still have their role for general purposes, but we pride ourselves on bespoke proposals that can help find answers to specific, sometimes unusual requests…

Marrying techniques and processes, putting a twist on recruitment and stimulus sharing can often provide alternative research thinking, which in turn can feed into helping clients drive growth for their brands and businesses…

Innovation often uses ethnography as a means of better understanding current user experience (UX) – direct observation and interaction in situ (and the context is crucial) offers deeper understanding vs. the broader approach of consumer focus groups.

The great advantage of ethnography is that this often puts the spotlight on what people do rather than what they say they do ! The difference between these two pieces of information is often a rich source of emotional insight and can lead to several starter idea platforms.

Face to Faces and In Depths have proved very successful for BtoB projects; expert executive targets are both difficult to recruit and even harder to move from beyond their place of work!

Experts whether in BtoB or in consumer facing markets don’t always work well in group situations; experience shows that a one to one discussion, especially when discussing strategic business issues, often gets the best results.

Telephone and secured platforms for sharing stimulus helps solve issues of confidentiality and logistics, but it makes a well-managed recruitment process absolutely crucial!