Looking to add fresh insights to boost your innovation pipeline?

Our proven techniques and insight workshops can help you and your team get closer to consumers and identify sharper insights!

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Our Insight Detection Programmes include:

Meeting your target consumers. Best in situ, but digital works too!

Observing and interviewing consumers where they feel most comfortable is the best way to dig a little deeper. Post in-home interviews, we also run in-store interviews to see how consumers shop fixtures, perceive competitors both within and beyond the fixture

Insight Workshops

Sharing consumer inputs with the team, using our insight model with our experienced moderators. This will help turn observation and interview outputs into consumer-led insights


From insights to insight stories

We help you bring insights to life. Using our storytelling model, this drives insight context and is ideal preparation for using insights and moving into the ideation phase. So whether your brief is aroundproduct development, new services or communication platforms,insight stories are ideal for bringing clarity to ideation and building enthusiasm across your business !

Changing the perspective - see the world through your consumer's eyes!

  • Our proven insight process helps you :
Connect with consumers, to enhance your understanding of consumer context
Observe consumer dissatisfaction and coping behaviours
Build empathy interview techniques to optimise consumer outputs



    Better understanding of the current consumer experience

    Clear identification of the pain points, dissatisfaction with existing solutions.

  • With easy to use models, dynamic insight workshops transform pain points into actionable insights and potential solutions.
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