Connecting with consumers has never been easier...

We've designed our secure digital platform to help project teams gain instant feedback to workshop outputs.

We've called this platform Kwickr®.

  • Kwickr helps you and your teams connect with your target consumers and users to evolve and evaluate:
  • New product / service ideas
  • Concept evolution / evaluation
  • Positioning platforms
  • ...

Accelerate your marketing projects and give your team extra creative confidence!

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Kwickr® gives you and your team a real head start and can be used for all types of workshops!

How it works:

  • Idea Development:

    •Within the workshop itself, the team completes the idea generation phase.
  • As a group, we vote for the ideas we want to take forward and share with our recruited super consumers.

Our Webmaster handles the logistics

  • The chosen ideas are loaded onto the secured platform.
  • Selected consumers are invited to join the meeting via the digital platform.

Consumer inputs on-line, full team debrief off-line

  • •We share the chosen ideas with our super consumers in mini groups. Ideas can be presented, discussed, evaluated and evolved between teams and their chosen consumer profiles.
  • •Once this on-line forum is finished and our consumers have 'left the meeting', the workshop team shares and debriefs consumer inputs in order to fine-tune concepts for the next stages of development.
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