Transform knowledge into insights

Many companies and brands have access to more information and data than ever, but turning such sources into inspiration for project teams is a major challenge!

That's why we've created this new training course, "Marketing insights for Innovation! "

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Why insights matter?

Detecting and developing insights is a great start-point for creating innovation that will resonate with your targets. It's a great skill for project teams to acquire to go beyond understanding to start to create new ideas, services and solutions. The key is to link them to attitudes, behaviours and sometimes to un-met needs. 

Most important of all, it puts your client or consumer at the heart of your innovation process.


Marketing insights can help you react quicker and more efficiently to changes affecting your brand / company.
A successful insight process drives innovators and their teams to generate more relevant ideas, creating real value for consumers and clients.
Whether your team is made up of marketing or sales experts, copywriters, engineers or R&D specialists, 'Marketing Insights for innovation' can help generate growth for your brand and your company.

Looking to gain an unfair advantage against your competition with sharper insights and better performing innovation? 

You can. Learn to listen, observe, interview, analyse, map and create both insights and insight storytelling with 'Marketing Insights for Innovation.' For curious marketers everywhere who want to open their minds and discover a new insight journey. Enjoy.




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