Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is a planning process that applies innovation, strategic and operational planning to develop marketing business strategies that offer a greater chance of success.

Just as in the world of investments, past performance is no guarantee of future success, so many organisations are learning that looking back doesn’t always help build future facing strategies.

Competition emerging from unusual sources!

In a world of volatile and unexpected change, where competition can stem from unlikely places, past success is even less likely to offer future growth…consider the changing face of new competition in the different worlds of automobiles (Tesla, Google...), personal transport (Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar...) and video streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO...)

Fundamentally, we’re looking to answer the questions of ‘Within the business world in which we want to succeed, how can we win, by doing what and why?

We blend strategic thinking using innovation and creativity; research is often included to gain customer / consumer feedback and this helps us frame the opportunity using the language and context of future users, ensuring that the needs of customers are fully integrated into future strategic imperatives.