Communication Strategy / Storytelling

Much of the work that we do in this area is helping clients develop storytelling for products and services, building on the positioning thinking outlined above.

This can stem from a particular marketing challenge, such as a new launch or the need to re-position a particular product or service within the brand portfolio.

Our Communication Story Shops are cerebral, think sessions, built with small teams to think through communication impact and “trace”: we work with teams on projection exercises, then use ‘Think’, ‘Feel’, ‘Do’ to develop strategic communication briefs.

In a world of so much messaging and ‘noise’, we develop headline & tagline messaging and visualisation…the old adage that a picture paints a 1000 words (or at least 140 characters in modern day parlance) still holds true.

This kind of input can be used to develop storytelling from all kinds of start-points, including:

  • You’ve developed a concept with consumers but haven’t found the optimal way of bringing it to life…
  • You’re looking to start a repositioning exercise and are looking to open up team thinking and a range of possibilities...
  • Continuous market research data shows that the gap between your products / services perception and your brand perception is widening…  
  • Across a number of different client projects, perceived brand experience is increasingly more influenced by services and storytelling.