Strategic Positioning

Positioning is understanding how brands would like their consumers to perceive them, their products and services and the reality…the gap between this ambition and customers actual perception of such a brand can be two quite different things! This is often the start of repositioning challenges…how to close the gap between where a brand sits in customers mind today, versus what the brand wants to represent in that same mind tomorrow.

The positioning model we use combines 3 key elements:

Target audience

The target audience should include attitude, behavioural and psychographic information; relating this to the insight that relates the target to the brand, product or service is also invaluable.

Frame of Reference

The easiest way to explain this can be done by answering the question: ‘What business are we in and what business do we want to be in? ’This helps consider both existing and potential future competition…remembering to define the business offering from the consumer / user perspective. It’s amazing how many brands look only at their direct competitors when, all too often, it’s from left field that new brands appear and shake up the status quo…think of the digital camera market, until smart phone brands like Apple & Samsung turned up!

Point of Difference

Identifying the single most important relevant brand facet, from the end user/ consumer point of view. Developing such a point of difference that can become distinctive in the mind of consumers is good; owning such a point of difference which is decisive in the mind of consumers, shoppers and users is even better!

Whatever your challenge, we’re happy to talk it through and offer alternatives in finding the best strategic positioning solution.

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